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News and articles on how we are supporting our military and veterans into judicial service careers

Our process is straightforward and simple. We attend CTP and military recruitment events nationally and partner with the best forces resettlement organisations. We source the best candidates, provide an understanding and awareness of the opportunities and provide basic training to help them decide. We then place them with the best companies in the sector.


We are committed to equipping a potential candidate to know exactly what the sector consists of and the types of roles and how they work. Non-committal, free e-learning awareness modules providing information and content on the industry; types of work, the process of the courts and the salaries and expectation of the roles.


We attend all CTP events nationally and host Insight days around the UK. We will provide the experience and knowledge to find the right type of role for a candidate and for a company looking to recruit. We keep aligned with the industry and will provide honest and forthright advice to candidates and recruiting companies.


If the desire to pursue a judicial services role remains, register with us and we will provide a number of free e-learning awareness modules for you to undertake in specific skill sets required for the role (Data Protection, vulnerability, legislation, conduct codes) at no cost and with no liability. This is to aid that transition into a role and ensures a new employee hits the ground running, on day 1.


Eligibility criteria are important to judicial service roles and where relevant, Richardson Bailey will undertake those checks to ensure all requirements required for sector roles are met. We will advise on any issues that arise and will not place a candidate where any ambiguity or eligibility concerns arise.


We will match up the right role with the right candidate at the right location. We will work with candidates on opportunities and roles and judicial service companies with the pipeline of candidates to ensure the placement of a candidate is a success.


It is important that the right career choices are made. To aid this transition we have a number of speedy and free e-learning awareness modules and some information on our e-learning page to help.
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It could lead to a new and interesting career in judicial services in a wide variety of exciting roles with scope for progression and significant earnings.


coming soon – our interactive e-learning awareness modules and videos

Stay updated

News and articles on how we are supporting our military and veterans into judicial service careers