James Richardson

Operations Director

A career Civil Servant within the Ministry of Justice and specifically Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service and the Home Office, James has worked in criminal enforcement over a 25year period. Recent consultancy work includes private judicial service companies and MP’s.

Rich Bailey

Business & Commercial (Adviser)

A former Captain in the British Army, thereafter as a consultant in Home Affairs and Justice before undertaking a board role at Marston Holdings, the largest judicial services company in the UK. Specific expertise in working with government departments including Treasury and Home Office.

Russ Holden

Recruitment Director

An industry expert in all judicial services work, Russ has unparalleled knowledge of the sector, at an agent, senior management and director level over a 27 year period. This includes current EA certification, recruitment, performance, client management and large-scale operations on government contracts, including High Court.

Natalie Finnigan

Head of Events (Consultant)

A marketing and events specialist, Natalie has a myriad of project management expertise, predominantly but not limited to events, having worked on various projects across the Grand Prix circuit, leisure and travel industries and education.

Stella Ekebuisi

Head of e-Learning (Consultant)

Head of e-learning for Queen Mary University of London and responsible for our e-learning strategy, content and design, as well as the technical requirements for our programme to support the transition work. Stella has over 15 years’ experience in education and e-learning.

Sarah Bailey

Head of Recruitment (Consultant)

Specialist recruitment and Human Resources Manager within Financial Services sector for over 12 years, Sarah has solid experience in project management, resource planning and candidate selection from the client perspective. She has a PGDip in Psychology and specialises on interview coaching and presentation skills.

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