A day in the life of a field resolution agent

A day in the life of a field resolution agent

A day in the life of a Field Resolution Agent


What does a field resolution agent do? This flexible role is ideal for army leavers and suited to those who like working with people and prefer being out and about instead of at a desk.


We’ve previously covered the work of enforcement agents, and now we look at the similar role of field resolution agent. While the two share some features, a field resolution agent’s job requires a different set of skills, requiring excellent communication and plenty of initiative.


Let’s take a look at the typical working day of John, a recently placed field resolution agent. He’s self-employed and contracting for a local company with a number of different clients in banking and utilities.


Field resolution agent: a day in the life

“My day actually begins the night before as I need to plan what I’ll be doing. I’ll have a list of customers to visit – I use my tablet and a route planning app to input their postcode. Once that’s done I can see who I need to visit and in what order. It takes just a few minutes and makes my working day much easier.”


“My worklist for the following day looks like this:


  • Early mortgage arrears – 4 calls on secured loans
  • Early loan arrears – 6 calls on unsecured loans
  • Utility early arrears cases (water) – 24 cases
  • Financial services mail order – 10 cases
  • Financial services home finance – 15 cases”


“I start my visits around 8.30am and work within an hour’s radius of my home. My workload is mixed cases, I have a lot of income and expenditure cases today, a number of reconnections for missed payments from banks, loan companies and some utility company visits which are a mix of residential and business.


There is no uniform for this role, it’s best to foster a relaxed approach and the lack of uniform means the customer tends to engage with you more willingly.


“I don’t have to dress or carry any of the items an enforcement agent would need. I do have my ID badge but there is no certificate to carry and no uniform. I normally wear a polo shirt and jeans most days – smart casual helps the customer feel more at ease and therefore happier to speak to me.”


Field resolution agents vs enforcement agents


Where enforcement agents tend to have a court order or a legal instruction, a field resolution agent does not. This means their visits are about engagement and information gathering.

“It is about gaining the information you need for the case, which can involve payments but in the main is about connecting with an individual or a business and resolving the issue”.


This is the softer side of judicial services, the focus is on getting a good relationship and a rapport with the customer, in order to best help them.


“‘Resolving’ can be as simple as having them speak to the contact centre or client who has instructed us, that would be deemed a great success. Many of the cases are fact-finding only, and that means you don’t always talk to anyone, for example, recording empty premises or visits.”


How to keep track: recording outcomes


“The key to my role is the quality and accuracy of recording the outcome. This means that even if a property or business is closed or empty, obtaining proof of this is fundamental. This is where our technology is important.


All of us carry a tablet which is fully loaded with our casework. From the minute we click on a case, the voice recording is on and can’t be adjusted manually. This ensures our activity is monitored and recorded honestly. We also use the tablet to also ensure images of property or documentation are captured.”


Recording outcomes is quick and easy, which is good as my tech knowledge was limited in the beginning. The process is simple, there are no long-winded processes and information that isn’t needed isn’t recorded. It is quick, safe and paperless. It really helps me work efficiently during the day.”


A productive day’s work


“I completed 40 visits today, each day is different and I’ve made more visits than normal. Here’s what I achieved, I like seeing it written down like this!


  • Bank reconnects: I made 11 visits on behalf banks and had three successful engagements, managing to reconnect the customer back to the client contact centre.
  • Utility visits: I had 18 visits on behalf of utility companies and successfully reconnected seven people back to the service company’s client team. Which included two vulnerable people I identified.
  • Financial services: I had 11 visits and three successful reconnects where two paid the arrears immediately, which was excellent.


There were also many no replies – either the customer had moved or was not in. In this case, I will leave a letter of attendance and record this on the system.”


All in all, this was a productive day. I’m new to the role and starting to establish a bit of a routine in the way I work. Each day will be different but I am learning how to manage my time.”


John’s role is not office-based, which tends to suit him as he likes being out and about – often the case for ex-service personnel. He’s not alone though, and he’ll have a weekly 30-minute conference call with his manager to stay up to date and bring up any issues he has.


“Sometimes I also go in for training, usually when we have a new client. I’m also provided with training to refresh my industry accreditations, I like that my company provides this for me as I want to stay well-informed.”


How much is a field resolution agent paid?


Field resolution agents can be self-employed or employed by the company, John is currently self-employed.


Generally, field resolution agents will earn a basic wage of £100 to £120 per day, this is the industry standard. On top of that, they earn a commission based on achievements like visits or arrangements made. This tends to bring the top earning salary up to around £30-35,000 per year for those working full time and really embracing the shift and working patterns that bring successful outcomes (some evenings and weekends!).


The onus is on you to use your initiative, people skills and training to get good outcomes. It’s a flexible role which means it can fit around your family life, but equally, you’ll need to be dedicated to your work.


Want a job as a field resolution agent?


This snippet of John’s day shows the kind of skills and attitude needed to do the job well – preparation, good communication skills and a desire to get the work done.


Think you might be suited to the role of field resolution agent? We have companies waiting for dedicated individuals like you, get in touch to learn more.

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