Project management opportunities at the Ministry of Justice

With the Ministry of Justice undergoing significant reform, make the most of the array of new project management opportunities on offer.

The Ministry of Justice is undergoing the biggest reform programme in the history of the courts. Vast change in the way justice is administered and delivered is taking place. This has created an array of project management opportunities.

With previous direct Ministry of Justice careers ourselves, we understand the complexities in this. Introducing new technology, programmes and methods of working in a traditionally legal environment is never going to be easy.

Implementing major change is difficult for any organisation but for government even more so, due to previous large scale historical issues in government reform (think Universal credit or outsourcing issues around Olympic security). Users of the courts and the processes within them are highly sceptical about the ability to make these changes happen and work.

Historically, central government have purchased this knowledge and capability through traditional consulting firms.
How government departments spend our money is now far more transparent than ever, and with that comes scrutiny. And with scrutiny comes the requirement to be more efficient and be able to justify spend.

The future

The Ministry of Justice therefore has a new plan. This is to ensure they have the capabilities within their own organisation and not buying it in from management consultants at huge cost.
This is a great time to consider a role in judicial services, and if the civil service is an organisation you wish to work for, now is a very good time to think about a role within the centre.

How we can help

Richardson Bailey can assist you with this. Rich Bailey worked as a Management Consultant providing project managers to central government in the criminal justice area. James Richardson was a civil servant within the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office, working alongside project managers on change programmes and targeted initiatives.
We would be delighted to help anybody thinking of a career in project management within the Ministry of Justice, and we can help you throughout the process.
We will support you with your research, provide background and context to your application or just help you form the right decision by signposting or putting you into contact with people who can talk to you about roles.

Where to start?

There are a number of avenues to begin your research:

The MOJ reform programme. Here is a short VIDEO produced to show you on what reforms are happening within the Ministry of Justice

Links to learn more:

MOJ Major Projects Leadership Academy (MPLA)

The Central Government Infrastructure and Projects Authority

The Project Delivery Capability Framework (PDCF)

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