Taking a fresh approach to ex-military recruitment

Ex-military recruitment needs a new approach. We’re a new face doing things differently. And it starts with our launch today. 

We created Richardson Bailey through a desire to do the right thing. As a team, we’re driven by a collective determination to help the best military veterans in the UK transition into an interesting and rewarding role in civilian life. At the same time, we believe that the attributes and skills of these individuals will revolutionise the judicial services industry.

Why can we do this? Our team have different backgrounds and skills – ex-military, ex-civil service and ex-judicial services. We know what it’s like to leave the military and what it’s like to work in judicial or civil services. Our experience is your benefit. 

To learn how to help ex-military personnel like you find a new career we spent time listening to the wisdom of ex-colleagues, military charities and the outstanding CTP (Career Transition Partnership) team.

From this, we decided not to replicate traditional approaches, but to change the way judicial services companies recruit from the military. 

Changing the future of judicial services

The judicial services industry is vast, meaning they need an array of different skills. We know companies in this sector struggle to find the right quality resources, and in the right numbers. We think we can help.

The key realisation for us was not actually the outstanding skill set that will make the difference to judicial services– it’s the ethos, culture, work ethic and emotional intelligence of our veterans. This will support the genuine transformation of the judicial services industry.

As judicial service and enforcement people, we want our industry to be better, make better decisions and be more professional. We expect to change the industry, making it better, piece by piece – and by placing the best.

Supporting ex-military personnel and their families

There are many roles, companies, sites and teams that can offer work to those leaving the military. We aim to stick to what we know and what we can deliver best – judicial services. That’s our focus. 

By using our knowledge of the sector, we can support those leaving the military. It’s not only about finding a new job. 

We want to support those who are affected by the change, the wives and husbands, the partners, the family. This will all benefit those who have left the military and are looking for a change of career. It’s a vast network with unparalleled potential.

Finding you exactly the right role

The market for roles in judicial services is fluid: contracts emerge, contracts are cancelled, new companies enter the sector and government departments move policy around. Roles move, evolve and adjust. This is where we can assist. 

We have a finger on the pulse of what is happening across the UK within this sector. We understand the roles that are available now and what will be available in the future, and where they will be based. The roles are varied and cover desk-based, call centre, analytics, field and enforcement – whatever suits you, the candidate.

It’s vitally important that veterans enter the sector with a real understanding of what it entails – warts and all. We get as much satisfaction from not placing a candidate as we do from placing. Meaning it’s best to take the time necessary to place you in the right role instead of quickly trying to place you in any role. 

We will inform you, as a candidate, of the pitfalls, signpost you to the right area to match a skill set and, most of all, we will be honest. This also helps the judicial services company provide the best service and keep a team of experienced, motivated individuals. 

We will provide access to mentors in all roles (often ourselves!) and we will support any candidate all the way through an application process. We will not be a purveyor of CVs to job boards. And we are not a one-stop shop. We will find the best role for you if judicial services is the sector you want to work in.

What’s next?

Have a look around our website and come and say hello at events we will be attending.

Looking for a role or a candidate? Send us an email or sign up for our updates to be kept informed.

If you want to understand a little more about judicial services, we offer free e-learning modules.

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